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How do you get a guy to think about you? - Posted By fana (fana) on 5th Jul 19 at 4:06pm
How do you get a guy to think about you?
A girl by nature should be a predator. The ice in the heart of any guy, even the most inflexible, it is possible to make, if a little subtle. We will consider a situation where you are very familiar with the guy, maybe spend time together. So, how do you get a guy to think only about himself? Some good advice and suggestions.

Keep reminding yourself. Direct and the easiest way. Efficiency is not high, but the drop wears away the stone. Be always in the review of his attention, remind yourself. It's so simple! Dress sexy – all, without exception, guys crazy beautiful short dresses and tight jeans.
Give him some little thing that will constantly remind you: a keychain on your watch, your photo, a pendant on your neck. He took her in his arms, involuntarily remembers your smile. Give him a Cup of tea or coffee. Choose the best one, let him remember you every morning. Indirectly, but still, you're the first girl he automatically remembers in the morning.
Write a nice TEXT in the morning. Believe me, a simple wish: “Good morning!” it causes only positive emotions.
Do not be silent, passing by him – ask the mood, ask him to appreciate your new dress . Engage him in a pleasant dialogue. Don't look down shyly, look into his eyes. Your task is to draw his attention only to yourself.
Make a good impression on his friends. Quite an effective way, if you have a guy with common friends. It would be perfect if you could be of some use to them. Other people's opinions are always powerful, remember that. Communicate with his friends more, surprise them with the beauty and erudition. You'll find out new things about him – usually friends willingly tell you about our girl things.
Invite him to dinner. For some reason in our country it is accepted that a guy should invite a girl to dinner. Break stereotypes! Call him and tell him that you have prepared something delicious today, and you will be very happy if he will have dinner with you today. No man will refuse delicious food, it's a fact! And the old wisdom says – the way to a man's heart lies through the stomach, there is a rational grain. And if you add here another bottle of champagne, which he is more likely to bring with him, you can arrange a real romantic evening that your boyfriend is unlikely to forget!
Method: closer-further. A very effective way to make a guy literally go crazy on you. What do you need to do? Nothing complicated – keep the guy at arm's length. Give the impression that you allow him everything, that he has achieved everything,but start to become "cold". Let him puzzle over your behavior! Conversely, when he feels a little indifference from you, show that he is dear to you.
With a moderate game, the guy will be called a state of bewilderment, and he will constantly think about it.

Do something together. Maybe he likes to run in the morning. Or go fishing in the evenings. Find out all about his passions and try to play on it. Run with him in the morning, believe me, no one's ever done that before. It will make a positive impression on him. On the one hand, you show that you care about him, you Express interest in his hobby. On the other hand, you still do it "for the company", that is, in itself. Such an attitude will certainly cause interest on his part, he will want to get closer himself, and after such runs will long remember pleasant moments.
Pay attention to him, listen to him. Most people, especially girls, talk only about themselves. I can't even get a sentence in their monologues. But how nice is when a girl shows genuine interest in his life. When she knows everything that worries him. Supports in all dreams and undertakings. Therefore, do not spare your time to communicate in a friendly way with a guy. Without all the flirting and hints. Let him relax completely in your company. And don't be upset if he treats you like a friend right now. This is where it all starts. Show him what a good friend you are, and he'll figure out what a great lover you are.
As you can see, using these methods and techniques, you can easily make a guy think about you. Most importantly, never give up and don't despair, if at once will not happen. After all, everything takes time.

But there are situations when it is impossible to be close to a person because of the long distance. And what if you are in different cities, or just far from each other?

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